Code Department

Headshot PatrickWelcome to the Code Department page of your City of Monroe website! We wish to provide as much information and assistance as possible. Should the need arise, please do not hesitate to let us know of concerns regarding the health, safety, and welfare of the community as well as community standards which we all strive to improve. We also handle questions about zoning issues, plan review, code enforcement, and permitting of construction projects. We are available to assist in these endeavors as well. Serving in this capacity is why we are here.

~Patrick Kelley, Code Director

The Code Department has many responsibilities which include:

  • Receiving and processing applications for building permits, rezoning, variances, and inspection of building sites for compliance with safety and building codes.
  • Assisting builders and developers when needed in the development of residential and commercial properties.
  • Keeping and maintaining the current official zoning map of the City of Monroe.
  • Keeping and maintaining the future land use map.
  • Keeping records of all violations and enforcement actions.
  • Abatement of nuisance buildings and properties.
  • Maintaining neighborhoods free from junk cars, overgrown vegetation, and other debris.
  • Functioning as Secretary to both the Planning Commission and the Historical Preservation Commissions, maintaining for public record the minutes and all other documents incidental to the procedures of these Commissions.

Staff List:

Patrick Kelley - Director (

Debbie Adkinson - Code Department Assistant (

Delores Chambers - Code Department Clerk (

Clay Edmondson - City Marshal (

Tommy McClellan - Building Inspector/Code Enforcement (

RJ Lott - Fire Marshal (