Monroe Fiber

"Broadband availability is essential to making the City of Monroe a leader in the innovation economy. It is our goal to increase access to broadband in our city. We realize the importance of broadband to our current business and residential community and recognize the incentive it provides for those looking to locate here." 

- Matthew Chancey, City Administrator

Fiber Service

Monroe Fiber offers Business-Class High Speed Internet with download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps. We offer fiber based high speed data connectivity to upload or download large files, connect remote offices, utilize cloud services or manage large data transfer. We offer a scalable Internet solution that assists you in growing your business. Monroe Fiber also has the flexibility and creativity to offer unique services utilizing legacy hardware. 

Fiber NetworkOur network is fiber based with divers route connectivity to the major internet hub in Atlanta (56 Marietta Street). We have taken steps to ensure you have the connectivity when you need it and to maximize your up time. 

"The fiber and connectivity services provided by the City of Monroe allow us to operate all of our hospital functions, along with all of our off-campus locations. Through the enhanced connectivity, even our furthest physician office, over 20 miles away, is connected as if they are in the same building. "

-Ed Stanley, Director of Information Systems, Clearview Regional Medical Center

For more information about fiber, call (770) 266-5333, or email

Download Monroe Fiber Brochure.

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