Starting in 2016, the City of Monroe will no longer mail out ad valorem property tax bills or take payments at City Hall for current year property taxes. All property owners will receive one consolidated tax bill from the Walton County Tax Commissioner that will include City of Monroe property taxes and any applicable County taxes. Any past-due taxes from 2015 and prior years will still need to be paid at Monroe City Hall.

This transition to consolidated billing with Walton County was made to save taxpayers money in collecting and processing, and to eliminate confusion of having two separate tax bills with different due dates. From 2016 forward, the tax bills will be due on the County’s due date, which is usually around November 15th. Please review your tax bill carefully for the actual due date when you receive it later this summer. Have questions? Call 770-266-5123.

For frequently asked questions regarding taxes, click on this link.

Combo Bill Sample

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