Fire Marshal

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R.J Lott has been employed with the City of Monroe Fire Department since 2005, Lott currently serves as Fire Marshal under the direction of Assistant Chief Bill Owens. Born and raised in Detroit, Capt. Lott has a passion for fire prevention and community safety. In 2015 Capt. Lott was the recipient of the Athens Tech Work Ethic’s Award for the life science division, Georgia State Firefighters Association Public Safety Educator of the Year, and received accommodation from Governor Nathan Deal.

The Fire Marshal’s Office focus is Community Risk Reduction, responsible for fire code compliance, public safety education and fire cause and origin. This Division also investigates citizen complaints regarding fire code violations, property maintenance violations and fire hazards.
Risk Reduction Programs:

•Stove Fire Simulator- Tool that allows us to demonstrate with live fire the deadly effect water has on grease fires.
• Fire Extinguisher Training- Class comprised of PowerPoint presentation and hands on skills to properly teach when/how to use a fire
• Juvenile Firesetter Program (JFS’s)- This program educates/mentors youth caught or interested in fire play.

For information on these programs or to make a request please email.

Fire Marshal R.J Lott