Streets & Transportation Department

Headshot JeremiahThank you for visiting our Streets & Transportation page of our website. Here you will find information regarding our streets, sidewalks, right of ways, as well as several other areas that could affect you as a citizen of Monroe. If you, for any reason, cannot find the information you are looking for here, please feel free to contact us directly by phone at 770-267-6933.

~Jeremiah Still, Director of Streets & Transportation

Street Maintenance

The Streets & Transportation Department maintains the City's streets, sidewalks, public facilities, traffic controls and signage, and right of ways. The department also operates an efficient fleet service center that provides preventative and corrective maintenance for the entire fleet of the city.

Traffic Services

This division is responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of all traffic control devices within the city limits of Monroe. It is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of all traffic related signs, road closures, streetlights, and traffic signals. Please contact us at 770-267-6933 or via email at if you see a problem. CLICK HERE for a detour route attachment that might be
helpful during this summer's activities when Thru Traffic is closed off downtown.

~Steve Lavender, Sign and Markings Technician

Traffic Notice

Please check here for any traffic issue The City of Monroe may be working on.


This division is responsible for maintenance and grounds keeping at Monroe’s city-owned cemeteries. It is also responsible for coordination with funeral directors, and grave space location. All sales of plots will be handled at City Hall. Please contact us at 770-267-7536 for more information.

Speed Zone Ordinance

Please click here for changes to the Speed Zone Ordinance.