Georgia 811 Notice


Make a free & easy phone call to Georgia 811 by simply calling "811" at least two business days prior to digging.

Who should call 811?

Everyone who plans to dig! In Georgia, it is the law.

Why should people call 811?

The main reason is safety. Having the approximate location of underground utility lines clearly marked before digging reduces the risk of hitting a line, which can lead to serious injury or death, disrupt service to the community and potential fines and repair costs.

What is Georgia 811?

811 is the nationally recognized number designated by the FCC to call in order to prevent damages to underground utility lines while digging. Georgia 811 will have the appropriate professional locate technician identify and mark the approximate location of lines with colored paint or flags. Once underground lines have been marked by the locate technician, callers will know the approximate location of utility lines and can then proceed to dig safely!