Natural Gas

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Natural Gas Rates

AC-250 $12.00 $20.00 $15.00
415 $12.00 $20.00 $15.00
AC-630 $12.00 $20.00 $15.00
AL-800 $12.00 $20.00 $15.00
2M $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
3M $30.00 $30.00 $20.00
5M $40.00 $40.00 $20.00
Base Charges

Distribution Charge per CCF

Residential rates are $0.375 per CCF plus gas cost and applicable sales tax.

Commercial rates are $0.375 per CCF plus gas cost and applicable sales tax.

Industrial rates are $0.225 per CCF plus gas cost and applicable sales tax.

Natural Gas Tap Fees

Residential taps are $400.00 plus installation charges.

Commercial taps are $800.00 plus installation charges.

Additional installation charges are $1.75 per foot over 100 feet past the right of way apply.

**There is a $150.00 charge to reconnect a residential meter that a customer requests to be disconnected for the summer season**

Natural Gas Safety At Home

To burn properly, natural gas mixes with just the right amount of air to be ignited by a spark or flame. Natural gas that burns without enough air produces a deadly gas - carbon monoxide!

Breathing natural gas is harmful because it contains no oxygen. Natural gas is colorless and odorless, it contains a chemical with a distinct smell to alert you of a leak: the added odor smells like rotten eggs.

A faint odor may mean that a pilot light has gone out and should be relit; however, a strong odor means you should leave the home at once and call your local utility company or emergency personnel from a neighbor's home. Do not turn on any electrical switches, use a telephone or flashlight; an electric spark could ignite the gas fumes and cause an explosion. Never try to locate a leak yourself, it could be fatal! When in doubt, GET OUT!

Let the experts who work for your local gas provider or emergency personnel handle it. If you smell gas, our 24-hour emergency Utility call center can be reached at 770-267-3429, or you can dial 911 for an emergency response.

Do your part to familiarize yourself and your family with these natrual gas safety tips and continue to enjoy the value, comfort, and benefits of America's cleanest, most efficient energy source!

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