Bill Braswell is the Stormwater Technician for the City of Monroe. Bill is certified by the State of Georgia to install and inspect stormwater systems and structures.

Currently, the City of Monroe is involved in a mapping program that uses GPS technology to locate and record each location of a stormwater system or structure. The GPS records enable workers to locate exactly where a problem has occurred and which structures need maintenance.

The Stormwater infrastructure of the City of Monroe is vital to protecting our citizens' properties and investments from soil erosion.

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is rain water that runs off impervious surfaces. It is conveyed by various stormwater structures into our local waterways. One of the biggest misunderstandings about stormwater is that it is somehow filtered and cleaned before it runs into our creeks and rivers. It’s not! There is no treatment for stormwater in our city. The water that runs off the streets, yards and parking lots, to name a few, flows directly into our waterways transporting soil, sediments, and any other pollution it picks up along the way.

How does stormwater affect you?

Stormwater can be very destructive when left unchecked. It can destroy entire landscapes and cost millions of dollars in damages. Stormwater can easily become a major contributing factor in car accidents when stormwater ditches become full of sediment and the water overflows onto the street. Hydroplaning can be deadly!

Stormwater also pollutes our local waterways and kills aquatic life and plants. This can be very devastating to our environment, also impacting sportsmen and families that enjoy being outdoors.

How can you help?

  • Be proactive and join the Stormwater initiative to make a difference!
  • Clean off a stormwater grate when you see one covered by debris.
  • Pick up litter in the ditch or beside the street that can wash into our local waterways.
  • Do not place anything in or around a stormwater ditch or structure. City Code Chapter 42 Article lX 42-261 Definitions
  • Report flooding immediately! 911 or 770-267-6933

How can we help?

Bill would be glad to meet with you and discuss stormwater issues or concerns you might have. Education materials and information can be provided to you upon request. To contact Bill, please call 770-266-5324 or email

Report Violations

  • Stormwater Dept. - 770-266-5324
  • Code Enforcement - 770-207-4674
  • Ga. EPD - 1-888-373-5947 (toll-free in Georgia) or 404-657-5947

Detention / Retention Ponds

Currently within the city limits of Monroe, we have a total of 102 detention / retention ponds. Out of this total, 25 of these are residential ponds owned by people just like you and me. These detention ponds are a vital and necessary part of our stormwater systems. During a storm, when the possibility of flash flooding is present, detention ponds meet the demands of Mother Nature. Detention Ponds are able to take in large amounts of water that accompany a flash flood and then releases the water slowly to keep erosion damage to a minimum.

The City of Monroe will be inspecting all the detention / retention ponds annually and communicating the findings to the property owner. The EPD has high standards for continued maintenance for these stormwater structures. Annual inspections help keep this part of our stormwater infrastructure strong and healthy.

Red_X Before Maintenance (Brush & Trees)

CheckMark After maintenance (Only grass)

For any questions or concerns please call 770-266-5324 or email

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