Boulevard Closing

At the request of the First United Methodist Church, the City Council voted 5-3 to close the entrance to Boulevard from S. Broad Street. Please keep in mind the portion of Boulevard East of the Church will now be a dead end. Please refrain from turning off Waverly which runs at the back of the Church onto this section of Boulevard, as an exit on to S. Broad Street is no longer available.

City Council

The City of Monroe is divided into eight election districts. One member of the council is elected from each district. Elections are held every four years. The Mayor is elected by the qualified electors voting in a city-wide election. Council members are elected by a majority of the electors voting in their respective districts.


MalcomDistrict 1 - Lee Malcom (
Com9632District 2 - Denise Dixon (
Com9620District 3 - Nathan Purvis (
Com9607District 4 - Larry Bradley (
ScottDistrict 5 - Rita Scott (
Com9619District 6 - Wayne Adcock (
Com9613District 7 - Nathan Little (
Com9602District 8 - Jimmy Richardson (