North Lumpkin Becoming One-Way Street

On May 1, 2017, North Lumpkin Street will become a one-way street running from East Spring Street to East Highland. If you have any questions, please call the City of Monroe at 770-267-3429.

Boards and Commissions

The following boards and commissions are appointed by the City Council:

Historic Preservation Commission (Five Year Term)

  • David Dickinson
  • Brian Hardman
  • John Lucas
  • Jessica Rosenthal
  • Susan Brown

Housing Authority (Five Year Term)

  • Mary Kate Watson Echols
  • Meketa Swords
  • Ruby Cooper
  • Kevin Wright
  • Lynn Hill

Planning Commission (Four Year Term)

  • Michael Reese
  • Dick Hester
  • Rosalind Parks
  • Mike Eckles
  • John Howard

Downtown Development (Three Year Term)

  • Larry Bradley
  • Virgil Williams Jr.
  • Lisa Reynolds Anderson
  • Wes Peters
  • George Baker III
  • Mike Gray
  • Rick Huszagh
  • Charles Sanders

Library Board (Six Year Term)

  • Linsey Hickman
  • Sandra Shurling
  • Elizabeth Yancey
  • Estella Bell
  • Lynn Warren

Walton County Board of Health (Six Year Term)

  • Edith Weaver