Chief Chancey Retires

Chancey Wayne

After 36 years of service, Monroe Fire Department Chief Wayne Chancey will retire.Chancey told the Council Tuesday he was leaving his post July 1.

Chancey became a volunteer firefighter for the city on Dec. 10, 1974, and was hired on as a full-time firefighter in September of 1978. Coming up through the ranks he was promoted to lieutenant in 1985. Chancey has served as the fire chief since he was appointed to the by the city Council in 1988.

Under Chancey’s leadership the MFD has improved the department’s Insurance Safety Office rating to a class three, built a new department headquarters and fire station, purchased two fire trucks, one aerial platform and purchased the department’s first rescue truck in 1993.

His service to the city of Monroe will be sorely missed by residents and fellow employees.

The Council will pick Chancey’s successor and will soon advertise the position, acquire résumés and conduct interviews with the hope to have a replacement by July, city officials said.

We wish Chief Chancey a long and happy retirement!