Code and Ordinances

The City of Monroe Code Office has the duty of enforcing the Codes of the City of Monroe.  We believe that the majority of citizens are in compliance with the code or will comply once educated.  Our goal is to educate the community in order to achieve voluntary compliance. 

Once a written report of a code violation is made, the code office will notify the responsible person(s) of the violation and educate them on how to gain compliance.  If voluntary compliance is not achieved in a specified time period, the responsible person(s) is issued a citation and ordered to appear before the Judge of the Municipal Court.

Each citizen has a right and is encouraged to report code violations online at  Reports may also be made by telephone or in person to the code office. 

This brochure contains some brief descriptions of codes that generate the majority of all issues handled by the Code Office.  The code of the City of Monroe is available to all citizens.  

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