High Levels of Maganese In Water Supply

You may have noticed a discoloration to the water this morning. This discoloration is due to an elevated level of manganese in the water caused by our recent rain. We are very thankful for the rain we have experienced the past few days; however, one result of the rainfall is runoff into the river from the rain. The runoff has elevated the levels of sediment and manganese in the raw water we treat to produce drinking water.

Although the manganese level in the water produced at the water treatment plant is elevated from the typical range we experience, it is still within the required acceptable limits, and the water is safe for consumption.

The operators at the Monroe Water Treatment Plant have been busy all morning running additional manganese analyses, adjusting treatment chemicals, and monitoring the treatment process to get the levels back to what we typically see in our finished product.

You will likely see the discoloration for a day or two as the water with the elevated level of manganese moves through our system but again, the levels are within the established acceptable limits, and the water though discolored is safe for use.