Internet Presence

Heading into 2010, the City of Monroe is making every effort to update and expand it's presence on the World Wide Web. Our goal is to reach as many of our citizens as possible, and provide as much relevant and up to date content as we can.

This effort began with the implementation of an official presence on three of the worlds most popluar social networking websites: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These outlets provide a portal for almost instant communication of up to date information to a large ammout of the citizens we serve.

We have continued by revamping our Official Website to provide more information and content than ever before. Formerly just a static infomation site, we now provide a wide ranging directory of up to date and relevant information that supports and compliments our other internet presence to provide our community with a comprehensive internet experience.

Visit our Facebook page at this link --> The City of Monroe, Georgia

Follow us on Twitter at this link --> MONROEGA

Watch our video content on YouTube at this link --> The City of Monroe GA