Meter Replacements Continue

The next areas the contractor will be working in (end of this week & next week) are:
Booth Dr, Cook Place, Cook St, Dean St, Launius Av, Morrow, N Broad, Oak, Perry Alley, Perry, Rosa Ison Terr, Sorrells St, Applewood Dr, Brookland Ct, Brookwood Ln, Creekside Wy, E Marable, Fawnfield Dr, Garden Ct, Gatewood Dr, Gatewood Wy, Gratis Rd, Hickory Dr, Hill St, Manor Place, Maple St, Meadow Ct, Meadow Tr, Meadow View Dr, Meadow Walk Dr, Peters St, Roberts St, Roosevelt St, Rosewood Ln, Sweetgum Dr, Anna's Wy, Autumn Tr, Blackberry Cove, Sold Springs Rd, Cedar Trl, Clifford Ct, Cumberland Trl, Deer Ct, Dewy Hogan Rd, Double Springs Rd, Fox Valley, Ga Hwy 11 N, Gray Fox Ln, John Deere Rd, Mtn Creek Ch Rd, Orchard Cir, Paul Burson Rd, Phillips Ct, Phillips Dr, Raymonds, Roscoe Davis, The Springs Dr. If anyone has any questions, please call 770-266-5330.