North Lumpkin Becoming One-Way Street

On May 1, 2017, North Lumpkin Street will become a one-way street running from East Spring Street to East Highland. If you have any questions, please call the City of Monroe at 770-267-3429.

Preparing for DVR

In order to add more HDTV channels and launch our new DVR service next month, the City of Monroe will renumber our current free HDTV lineup.
The new channel numbers will become effective on Monday, March 10, 2014. Please rescan your television to pick up the new channel numbers.

Free HDTV Channel Lineup*

94-1 CSS (Comcast Sports Southeast) 94-2 ATL Weather
94-3 MeTV
94-4 Antenna TV
94-5 GPB Kids
94-6 GPB Knowledge
94-7 Bounce TV
100-1 ABC HD
100-2 FOX HD
100-3 NBC HD
101-1 CBSHD
101-2 MyATL HD
101-3 CW69HD
102-1 PeachtreeTV HD
102-2 GPB HD
102-3 PBA30 HD
105-1 Fox News HD
105-2 Fox Business HD
105-3 CNN HD
106-1 Fox Sportsouth HD
106-2 Fox Sports South HD
106-3 Fox Sports 1 HD
107-1 ESPN HD
107-2 ESPN2 HD
107-3 ESPNU HD
108-1 Outdoor Channel HD
108-2 HGTV HD
108-3 Food Network HD
109-1 National Geographic HD 109-2 FX HD
109-3 TBS HD
110-1 TNT HD
110-2 MTV HD
110-3 Spike HD
111-1 VH1 HD
111-2 Comedy HD
111-3 Cartoon Network HD
112-1 QVC HD

*Must have Expanded Basic subscription to receive free HD channels.