Community Relations


Headshot PatriceThe City of Monroe realizes that communications is a vital part of fostering, sustaining, and enhancing a sense of community. For citizens to fully participate and feel invested in Monroe, they must be privy to information and know what is happening in the City. The City of Monroe strives to provide current, vibrant, inclusive, and creative information about its services, programs, events, and initiatives in an array of media outlets (e.g., newsletter, website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Internet Media). If there is anything you need regarding customer or community relations, please don't hesitate to call 770-266-5330.

~Patrice Broughton, Customer/Community Relations Liaison

Communication Tools

The Customer/Community Relations Liaison, housed in the Finance Department, has the primary responsibility for the City’s communication materials, but significant efforts are undertaken in other departments as well. For example, the Monroe Downtown and Monroe’s position as a Main Street Community are handled in the Downtown Development and Economic Development Department.

In our technology driven, information-saturated world, Monroe realizes people have preferences for how they receive and send information. Among the many media utilized by the City of Monroe are:

  • City of Monroe Newsletter:  published 4 times a year; the City will offer an email-based newsletter allowing both residents and businesses the option to subscribe both on Facebook and
  • Websites:  in addition to, Monroe Downtown also hosts
  • Social Media:  The City of Monroe currently has Facebook and Twitter accounts. The City of Monroe also provides information through Google+.
  • Video:  available through our YouTube channel and created to provide an overview for residents and visitors
  • Citi311:  Citi311 is a mobile app that allows citizens to report quality-of-life issues directly to City Departments
  • Print Newsletter:  published 4 times a year, the City offers a print newsletter publication that is delivered to all City of Monroe residents and business owners as a billing insert